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Case studies

Power Hitting System Success
After working with the England ODI/T20 squads and England Lions plus many First Class Counties including Hampshire, Gloucestershire, Sussex and Middlesex, all players benefited from an increase in boundary percentage throughout all forms of the game, players hitting the ball consistently harder and further

Working with Alex Hales and Michael Lumb before the Big Bash & T20 World Cup. Hales bat speed started at 77mph after 1 session this increased to 82mph. His average ball exit speed was 77mph by the end it was 83mph. Power Transfer Rate of 105%. Lumb had similar results
Ryan Higgins (Middlesex CCC & England U19’s)
Before Power Hitting coaching
In this clip, prior to working with Julian, Ryan has too much forwards movement (lunging) into contact. His front foot has opened up, pointing straight down the wicket which causes his back hip to open too early. There is no hip and shoulder separation, causing everything to rotate at the same time which reduces velocity. Not a good Power position!
After Power Hitting coaching
In this clip, after undergoing specialist Power Hitting coaching, Ryan a more solid base, cut out forward movement (lunging). This enabled him to create hip and shoulder separation - when the hips open and the shoulders are closed this causes the trunk that connects the two to twist. When this twisting occurs the muscles of the trunk are being stretched and begin to store elastic energy. All this energy will be released once the shoulders start to rotate towards the bowler. The more you separate the two, the more energy you can store and release. This explosive movement takes 0.02 seconds to create! His front foot is slightly closed enabling him to hit against his front leg, creating quicker hand speed, greater ball exit velocity and harder contact. His balance is good which is vital for efficient power generation.
Alex Hales
Michael Lumb