Cricket Power Hitting System

Today's game is all about power, boundaries and putting the bowler under pressure. If you look at how Luke Wright this week chased 71 off 4 overs to snatch victory from Gloucestershire CCC in the T 20 Blast!! How did Gloucester lose that match?? Luke put immense pressure back onto the bowlers who couldn't cope with his power! Lesson for bowlers?... Amid the violent chaos you have to be calm and poised within!


It takes 2 things in order to hit more boundaries and hit with added power:
1 - You need to hit the ball harder!
My entire programme is based around this concept. Hitting the ball harder and further, most view it as you either have it or you don't, my programme proves this wrong. You can hit harder and you can hit further.

2 - Hit the ball with good ball flight!
If you are hitting the ball hard straight into the ground or straight up in the air you will not be successful. Good ball flight is what turns 2s into 4s and 4s into 6s.
The rest of the world assumes you either have power or you don't. My power hitting system proves that everybody can hit the ball harder and further tomorrow than they are hitting today.

How it works? – 'Anything that can be measured can be improved'
I will establish exactly where you are right now when it comes to how hard you hit, how fast your hands are, how good your ball contact is.

Set goals and set a process
Once I find out where you are in terms of bat speed, ball exit speed, power transfer ratio, ball flight, timing, movement and mechanics. Then I set short term and long term goals. In addition you will experience the power Hitting system specific drills that will make you more explosive.

Mindset and strategy
In order to become an explosive batsmen it takes a different mindset than 95% of today's batsmen. We will discuss the mindset required to become a batsman with power along with the strategy that can transform your game.

How you can train your body to become powerful
You see plenty of players who hit the weight room and get bigger and stronger and actually lose power! Hitting is an event that requires strength BUT also requires fast twitch muscle fibres, and the ability to move. Strong batsmen don't equal power hitters. Hitters need to be rotationally strong and flexible. You can't hit harder by just getting bigger! It's about how you move. We will take you through the keys to becoming cricket strong and cricket powerful with our S & C experts Gecko Fitness. This means we will show you how to be explosive.

We are now recruiting for next years Power Hitting Academy starting in Sept 2015. The Power Hitting System is for everyone because we are results focused not style focused. Don't attend the Academy because you want to look pretty, attend because you want improved power results.

Hit Big!

Julian Wood