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Cricket today is a POWER game…

“My aim is to produce power players of the future, real game changers!”

Julian Wood, Power Hitting Specialist

BBC News - Cricket Power Hitting Feature,
June 2017
Watch the recent BBC news feature showing Julian Wood explaining to BBC’s Ben Croucher, the importance of hitting the ball as hard as you can – “there’s no fielders in the air!”

Ben Stokes, Joe Root and Sam Billings have all benefitted from Julian’s expertise.

“A revolution of the T20 variety”.
Sky Sports Cricket Power Hitting Feature,
March 2016
How to hit the ball out of the ground, consistently – a brief introduction to Power Hitting as featured on Sky Sports, with Tom Crump speaking to Julian Wood.

As witnessed in the ICC World Twenty20 World Cup tournament, the brutal power hitting throughout, set teams aside from others – demonstrated brilliantly in the last over of a truly memorable final – wow! This is the future.

Clubs, counties, academies need to be coaching this alongside all the other components of the game! Don't just dip in and out of it, do it for real...
The Power Hitting System can turn good players into spectacular hitters – an essential asset to any winning team
Julian Wood, T20 Power Hitting Specialist
Julian-Wood pic
I have extensive coaching experience working with England ODI/T20 squads, England Lions and numerous First Class Counties.
What makes a Power Player…
hit the ball hard
hit all areas
have the ability to make adjustments
be athletic
What Andy Flower says:
“The game has changed significantly in a very short period of time. Right at the front of that change, and embodying the change itself is Julian Wood. With a vision for the future, and a passion and expertise for his subject that ensures he is himself a leader in this field, Julian is opening batsmen's and coaches' eyes to another way of doing things. From the biomechanics to the principles of baseball and on to the sheer joy of hitting the ball clean and hard and far, Julian is at the forefront of a fast-evolving game for batsmen and coaches alike.”
Andy Flower (Former England Head Coach)
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